A Career In Home Design And Architecture

Home Design

Home Design is an ever-changing field with new styles, shapes and sizes emerging all the time. An interior designer’s life can be very interesting, full of constant learning, experimenting and growing. But if you feel like a challenge, as an interior designer you might want to consider a career as an architect or landscape gardener. With a creative mind and some talent you could combine your love of gardens and designing with an understanding of how the human mind works and what types of spaces within homes are desirable.

Architecture and home design is different but often associated closely. In fact many people will say that architecture is more the norm than the function. It is where form meets function, where the human habitat is made to look good rather than good to be true. The building designer has to work not only with architects but interior designers and constructors as well. The end result of any project is normally quite spectacular and will have a significant influence on the market price of a home.

Many people go on to become a building designer or a qualified architect. There are also many people who become certified as an interior designer. These people are usually employed either in residential or commercial premises. In order to become a qualified building designer, you need to at least hold a certificate from an approved architectural college and at least obtain an associate degree in this subject. Once you have these qualifications you can begin to apply for jobs.

Once you have been employed as an interior designer, you may want to move on and become a property surveyor or a land surveyor. These types of positions require knowledge of building surveys, land laws and have to be extremely organized and accurate. You may also want to become a building inspectors and appraisers. These positions require you to do thorough research and assess a property thoroughly before giving a final report.

Some of the more popular specialties that are available in the field of building design and architecture are project managers, construction managers, architects, landscape architects, historic preservationists and landscape consultants. There are also several specialty areas that building designers may choose to specialize in. These may include sustainable building design, which focuses on environmentally-friendly methods of design and construction. Architectural specialty areas include water conservation, building science, and energy efficiency.

A number of reputable architectural firms employ a number of outstanding architects and building designers. The most prestigious firms tend to hire only the very best designers in the industry. These architectural firms generally hire architects with at least three years of experience. A good reputation, a strong portfolio and references are usually important requirements for getting hired by one of these firms. Most of these firms also offer job interview help and often will even assist with finding the necessary licensing and permits for the job.

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