Embracing Cozy and Rustic Interior Design Trends

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Rustic chic can bring warmth and coziness into any living space, whether that be an urban apartment or rural farmhouse. By mixing natural materials, earthy colors, and textural accents into your decor design scheme you can achieve this timeless aesthetic.

Rustic chic design relies on a base palette dominated by soft neutral tones. From there, vintage elements can add warmth and history.

Earthy Tones

Earth tones add an earthy charm and sense of stability to rustic living spaces. Muted shades such as brown, tan, olive and moss provide an authentic element that easily integrates with any design aesthetic and can easily fit into any room in your home.

Leather is an evergreen element in rustic decor that never goes out of fashion. From sectionals to accent chairs, its warm tones will elevate any rustic interior design scheme with classic charm.

No need for a farm to incorporate beautiful wood tones in your interior design! @hurlbuttdesigns and @sandradeco__sweet_home are expert at using wooden furniture and accents to bring rustic charm into modern spaces.

Modern rustic is an evergreen trend that balances simplicity with authenticity while simultaneously featuring sleek and contemporary design elements. From cozy living rooms to inviting bedrooms, discover ideas for casually elegant living that incorporate natural wood accents, vintage pieces, textile textures and more into casual decor schemes for timeless beauty in every space of the home.

Vintage Accents

Rustic decor features a blend of antiques, heirloom pieces, and even repurposed items to achieve a collected, rustic aesthetic. Light linen throw pillows or cotton blankets with classic farmhouse patterns add visual interest while rustic wood furniture combined with modern metal hardware and open shelving creates a balanced, coherent farmhouse style.

One of the best aspects of this style is that it doesn’t require you to live in a log cabin to incorporate beautiful warm tones with rustic accents. A cut log wall acts as a striking background for this bedroom by @hurlbuttdesigns’ sweet blue-and-white daybed; soft percale sheets complete the cozy retreat!

Rustic style doesn’t just belong in rural spaces–it can work in any environment from sleek modern apartments to rustic country farmhouses. Just add area rugs, woven baskets, antique kitchen elements such as apothecary jars and glass pickling jars with ornate brand designs as rustic accents to add that country feel!

Natural Textiles

Rustic colors provide the ideal foundation for this design style. Soft hues like warm browns, soft tans and creamy whites create an ambient yet tranquil space that complements natural textures of wood, stone and metal perfectly.

Layer your modern rustic home with cozy textiles like plush rugs, faux fur throws, and knit blankets for an inviting aesthetic that is both chic and comfy. Linen curtains, rugs, and wall hangings in airy neutral tones will also create an airy ambiance in any space.

Add rustic-inspired baskets as storage in your living room by stacking woven baskets as recommended by interior designer Joanna Gaines. They’re especially charming when stacked in odd numbers; for an added dose of charm consider including handmade and one-of-a-kind items in your decor that are sure to add character and add new life to heirloom items that otherwise might go unused.

Functional Design

If you want to create an intimate rustic space, there are various ways you can achieve it. Woven baskets made of seagrass or wicker are popularly used in these rooms as storage for throws and pillows as well as table linens and decorative accessories. With multiple sizes to choose from you are sure to find just the right baskets to complete the look of any room in your house!

Plants can help bring rustic elements into your home with their bright colors and aromatic fragrance, as well as helping improve air quality. Use flower pots and evergreen vases to give the room a floral theme!

Modern rustic decor strikes a balance between contemporary style and natural elements, such as wood furniture pieces. Pair these pieces with vintage accessories from your collection as well as neutral-colored upholstery pieces for an attractive combination. Additionally, leave wooden beams bare so you can decorate them with antique pieces for an eye-catching room that fuses classic and modern elements together seamlessly.

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