Add Elegance to Your Garden With These Home Decor Ideas

Home Design

If you want your garden to look elegant, you can use filigree candleholders to add a touch of sophistication. Choose metallic filigree if you want an regal feel, or opt for whimsical metal filigree to give your garden a funky feel. Candles can add romance to any space, and scented ones will provide an inviting atmosphere. You can also use tin buckets to grow flowers, or you can hang hydrangeas from a vintage pulley system attached to the side of your backyard shed.

Vintage decor is another great way to add character to your garden. Chipped paint on old wrought iron pieces provides a charming contrast to plant vines. The scrollwork adds subtle detail to the pieces. Painted metal lawn chairs are adorable and can easily be transformed into a planter seater if you add some antique-shop-worthy plates. The best part? These pieces are also very functional! You can use them as planter seats in your garden.

Old milk cans and birdhouses can add a vintage flair to your garden. You can even recycle metal watering cans into planters. Collecting these items may take some time, but they are fun to look at. You can also hire gardening services to install your new vintage decor. Just make sure to check out their prices first. You may end up saving a lot of time in the long run! The vintage theme is not going anywhere and will remain in style for a long time to come!

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