FURntile refers to easily movable objects designed to support different human activities like eating, seating, and even sleeping. Furniture is generally used to hold large objects at a comfortable height for eating, or to store items. Nowadays, furniture is no longer confined to indoor use only. It has become a major component of interior design and outdoor decoration in homes, offices, hospitals, malls, and schools.

The majority of modern furniture is made of wood. There are several types of wood such as pine, cedar, spruce, and redwood which are commonly used. In most cases, furniture is classified according to the standard size and shape. Standard size furniture generally refers to seats, tables, desks, couches, dressers, shelves, etc. Generally, standard size furniture is one of the most common types used and found in almost all households and establishments.

Furniture generally consists of four parts – the frame, the drawer, the base, and the cushions. The frame, or the central part, is made from wood or metal. The frame provides the support for the entire structure and determines the general appearance and dimensions of the whole furniture. On the other hand, the drawer and the base contain hinges, handles, and other accessories that allow easy access to the different parts of the furniture.

A chair is the most important element of furniture, since it serves a three-fold function. First, it provides seating. The seat of the chair allows people to be seated comfortably and allows them to rest. Second, it holds items for use such as books, magazines, newspapers, or calculators. Thirdly, it secures the body in place while a person is reading or doing his homework. Thus, it becomes imperative for furniture to have adjustable height and other features that allow the user to adjust the height of the chair depending upon his convenience and the requirement of the user.

Adjustable height chairs are available in various shapes and sizes. The most common ones are those that have two or three legs. Such furniture is called folding chairs. Some of the popular styles include armless chairs, those with single or double seats, wide chairs, and backless chairs. Armless chairs have no arms; these are commonly known as the basic models.

As far as the material is concerned, most of the common materials used in manufacturing Greek furniture are those of rattan and wicker. These materials impart an exquisite look to the item. In addition, most of the modern manufacturers make use of high quality wood such as mahogany, cherry, maple, chestnut, pecan, birch, or oak. If you are looking for some good quality Greek furniture, then you should choose those made of fine hardwood such as ebony, elm, ash, mahogany, pine, cypress, and maple.

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