Saltwater Pool Systems: Benefits, Cost, and Repairs

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A saltwater pool system is a popular alternative to a more traditional chlorine pool. It does have a smaller amount of chlorine in its filter system. And with this minimal amount, many appreciate how it is less harsh than a chlorine pool system. Because that is the case, many resorts, cruise ships, hotels, and even homeowners are installing saltwater pools.

The filtering system is referred to as the salt chlorine generator. It cleans the saltwater pool and turns salt into chlorine. If you are considering it too, here are its benefits, cost, and pool equipment repair needs.

The Benefits of a Saltwater Pool System

The water in a saltwater pool system is clear due to how the saltwater chlorinator works. It feels smooth as a natural effect of the salt. It is gentle on the eyes and the skin. The lack of chlorine smell is better for persons with allergies or asthma. This is important in indoor pools because the mix of ammonia and chlorine does not quickly evaporate compared to outdoor pools. This smell can often affect breathing, so it may be more comfortable for those who have trouble breathing and the said conditions if they swim in the saltwater pool system.Plus, if you are generally irritated to the smell of chlorine, the saltwater pool system is a great alternative.

The Cost

The installation of this system ranges from $600 to $2,000. This initial cost is more expensive than a chlorine pool system. But a saltwater pool system is less expensive to maintain annually because you need not purchase buckets of chlorine all the time. The maintenance cost yearly is only around $50 to $100. Also, replacing cell units comes every 3 to 7 years at $700 to $900. Considering all these, the two systems cost just the same.

Saltwater Pool Equipment Repair

Just like other machines, a salt chlorine generator requires maintenance and repair. Problems may of course develop over time.While that is the case, there are new models today that self-diagnose and self-clean. These can help you avoid further problems.

But you should still watch out for issues. Take note that when the system fails, there will be insufficient chlorine to provide the needs of the pool. This will lead to corrosion, algae formation, water turning dirty, and poor sanitation.To avoid these problems and require saltwater pool equipment repair,watch out for the following signs:

  • Cell damage is indicated in its indicator lights
  • No flow indication in its flow monitor
  • Low levels of chlorine in the water
  • Plates are corroded

Ensure optimum performance with annual maintenance and making sure that these signs do not last long. Just do not forget about testing the water from time to time to avoid generator issues. Also, you can prevent pool equipment repair or expensive replacement parts.If you see the said signs, contact your Orlando pool repair company for information about how you can remedy the situation or if you need repair or replacement.

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