What Are the Fruit Trees That Grow the Easiest in Garden?


Recently, I’ve been looking to expand my garden. Interested in fruit trees in the UK, I did shy away from fruit trees that seemed difficult to upkeep. I’ve got a shortlist of the fruit trees that grow the easiest.


Pear trees are some of the easiest to grow. Pear trees are extremely hardy and they are known to have a mind of their own when growing. Pears are relatively disease-free, so they require less spraying and pesticides than other fruit trees.

Pears can grow in soil with a pH anywhere between 5.5 and 7.0, mitigating the need for soil adjustments for beginner growers. The only complication of pear trees is that they need full sun. This can actually work to your advantage, as you can create a pleasant shade spot in a sunny part of your lawn.


Next on the list of fruit trees that are lax in care is the apple tree. When searching for fruit trees for sale, you will undoubtedly be greeted by many varieties of apple. Common varieties of apples are reds, greens, and Fuji. Each of these apple types produces a fruit unique in its own.

The vast diversity of apple options means that you can pick a fruit tree that is bespoke. They’re so easy to grow that you can have your favourite type of apple ready for you to eat without a trip to the shops.

An apple tree’s chilling needs correspond well with the climate of the United Kingdom. After the chilling period, they begin to blossom in the spring. Apple trees grow best in acidic soils, making them optimal for many homeowners whose soil is too acidic for fruiting trees that need an alkaline environment.


Fig trees can handle the most variety of conditions. They are drought-tolerant and heat-resistant, but they are also very hardy. They can handle the hottest of summer days and stand up to the chilly winters we often experience.

Fig trees are also disease-free. Disease-free means that you don’t have to strain yourself to spray your plants with potentially toxic pesticides. These fruit trees are self-pollinating. You don’t have to have an entire orchard of trees to have fruit. Fewer trees means less work for the gardener.Chris Bowers & Sons is an excellent resource for learning all about which fruit trees are the easiest to grow, and you can purchase easy-to-grow fruit trees from the website as well.

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