Modern Kitchen Design Trends


Are you considering renovating or building a brand-new kitchen? Today’s homeowners are increasingly opting for the modern look. This design style is distinguished by its clean lines and dominant stainless steel material palette for appliances.

Modern kitchens often feature white cabinets, natural stone surfaces and horizontal lines in addition to the more obvious wood patterns. These elements help to bring out the beauty of materials while giving off a streamlined, contemporary vibe.

White Cabinets

The timeless charm of white cabinets in the kitchen remains popular today. They can be painted in a range of hues or even left bare for a more traditional design aesthetic.

Add some dimension and warmth to your cabinets by incorporating natural elements. Wood countertops, backsplashes and floors bring warmth into a white space and make it feel cozier – ideal for welcoming guests!

Modern kitchens often combine white cabinets with light wood surfaces to avoid the clinical feel that all-white interiors often give off. A mix of textures helps to reduce the visual of too much cleanliness, and adds character to your cooking space.

Another way to add color and pizzazz to your kitchen is with unique backsplash tiles. These can be found at home improvement stores or custom made by a professional, and come in an array of patterns and shades so that there’s sure to be one that matches your style perfectly.

Natural Stone Surfaces

Stone surfaces are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens, adding an air of elegance and sophistication. Plus, these countertops are easy to maintain and stain-resistant so you don’t have to compromise the natural aesthetic when cleaning them.

Granite, marble, soapstone and quartzite are all stunning natural stone countertop choices that offer a durable yet sophisticated surface design to elevate your kitchen. Their earth-toned colors and unique veining will create an eye-catching design perfect for any home.

They can withstand a lot of spills and high heat. Plus, their scratch resistance makes them perfect for everyday use; no need to worry about fade or discoloring over time with this lifetime guarantee!

Selecting the ideal stone for your kitchen is a major decision that should be carefully considered. You have various styles and colors available, as well as what kind of cabinets you already have. When making this choice, take into account all aspects involved with its placement in the room.

Horizontal Lines

Modern kitchens often feature strong horizontal lines. This can be seen in the form of long stacks of drawer cabinets lined up in a row or simple flat hardware.

Another popular option is a horizontal wood grain finish on a flat center panel door. This style often pairs well with frameless cabinets, allowing the fine lines between doors to be seen clearly.

This subtle accent provides a rustic yet sophisticated aesthetic to modern kitchen designs, setting the stage for the overall aesthetic.

Natural wood grains, like a rift-cut piece of oak or the veining on a marble countertop can add that special touch to a modern kitchen. These textures come in various finishes from light to dark and add visual interest without overpowering flat surfaces.


When selecting colors for your kitchen, keep in mind that warm hues like red and yellow can elicit hunger while cool blues and greens promote calmness and focus.

Traditional homes typically opt for an all-white palette. Modern kitchens, on the other hand, embrace color. Instead of sticking with white cabinets and countertops, try mixing neutrals by using black or dark wood tone on lower cabinets, as well as light-tinted gray on countertops.

For 2019, the trend is moving toward more natural earthy tones like rustic carrot-orange, plum and emerald green. These hues offer a welcome break from the glossy clinical look of all-white.

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